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Judy Brewer wrote:
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> 4. Events Calendar
>         some updates made already but need to go over changes & gaps
>         appears to be some formating problems on the page?
>         any additional volunteers to gather listings for different countries?
>         **please send events links to
>         any comments about introductory section on page?

I already sent a few new events not listed there to that email

> 5. References to other projects
>         brainstorming about how to organize (much more & newer) info on
> Web-accessibility related projects in different types of organizations & in
> different countries, e.g.
>                 --by country?
>                 --by corporate/research/disability org/government/other?
>                 --some other method of organizing?
>         **please send project links to with "References" in
> subject line

I would like you to update the reference to our TEDIS (Technological
Enabling for Disabled and Older People) Research Group within GMD.
Right now TEDIS is mentioned, but strangely, it points to an old page
talking us in the old Yuri Rubinski Foundation website. The URL is:

I would like you also to include a link to:
* DISTEC: Distribution List about Assistive Techhnologies, for Spain
and Latin America (in Spanish).

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DISTEC: Discapacidad y Tecnología de la Rehabilitación

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