WCAG 2.0 authorised translation in Czech - updated list of stakeholders

Dear all,

this is to inform you that TyfloCentrum Brno, o. p. s., is willing to
act as the Lead Translation Organisation (LTO) for producing an
authorised translation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
in Czech.

Following the policy for Authorised W3C Translations
(http://www.w3.org/2005/02/TranslationPolicy) and information from
Shadi Abou-Zahra, we have invited 11 individuals or organisations to
review the translation, as the relevant Czech stakeholders of the
field, and they have agreed to participate in the process.

The updated list is as follows:

* Jaroslav Winter, editor-in-chief, www.helpnet.cz (only in Czech)
(disability groups)

* Tomáš Obšívač, Faculty of Informatics, www.fi.muni.cz/index.xhtml.en
(academia, expert)

* Svatoslav Ondra, Teiresias  - Support Centre for Students with
Special Needs, www.teiresias.muni.cz/?lang=en
(disability groups, academia)

* Lucie Urbanová, Ministry of Interior, www.mvcr.cz/mvcren
(public service)

* Jakub Kašnar Czech Council of Humanitarian Organizations
(disability groups)

* Lukáš Marvan, www.seznam.cz (only in Czech)
(commerce, expert)

* Petr Staníček, freelancer, webdesigner, www.linkedin.com/in/petrstanicek
(webdesign, expert)

* Martin Hassman, freelancer, IT specialist, www.linkedin.com/in/hassman
(webdesign, expert)

* Filip Hráček, Google Czech Republic

* Tomáš Bukovský, Pecka Design, www.peckadesign.cz (webdesign, expert)

* Petr Andrýsek, QCM, s.r.o., www.qcm.cz (webdesign, expert)

Finally, we are working on the - so far unofficial - Czech version of
the translation. If the W3C accepts our LTO Submission, we will
propose that version as the Candidate Authorised Translation (CAT).

Best regards,

Radek Pavlicek, TyfloCentrum Brno, o. p. s.

Received on Thursday, 14 October 2010 11:41:55 UTC