Review period request for the WCAG 1.0 into Catalan.

Hi all,
The reason for this message is to request the opening of a new revision
period for the authorized translation into Catalan of the WCAG 1.0. 

This was the first translation following the W3C Authorized Translations new
policy and the novelty of the process led to delays in the deadline
fulfillment, and finally the deadline period seemed to be more important
that the quality of the translation. There were technical, semantics and
linguistic issues raised by the SIDAR team and admitted by the LTO and
others that finally weren't added to the translation. 

We are wondering which is the process to follow to open a new revision
deadline for a published document?

Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo, in behalf of the revision team of SIDAR for
the WCAG
1.0 translation into catalán:
Fernando Gutiérrez
Arnau Siches

Received on Monday, 26 March 2007 22:57:15 UTC