RE: Translation to Spanish of the document "Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0"

I think it rather unfortunate that valuable translations are not made available to the wider community until the normative document is a Rec. Would it not be better for these translations to at least be advertised somewhere, accompanied by heavy caveats that the master document is not yet official? It is possible that non-English speakers may find some obscure issue that was overlooked by the original authors, and it would be beneficial for this to be identified prior to the transition to Recommendation. It would also be valuable to those non-English speakers who wish to contribute to the necessary implementation and interoperability phases of new Recommendations.

Are there many more translations in waiting? How much of the global community is being ignored while complex documents spend time in CR/PR limbo? Are volunteer translators put off by the fact that their efforts might not see the light of day for a long time?

I don't mean to start a big debate. I'm just curious.


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> Hello,
> We have already completed the translation of the document "Mobile Web  
> Best Practices 1.0". You can find it at  

> Best regards,
> Marta

Hello Maria

The document is a proposed recommendation, hence it's not material for the  
translations database [1]


As soon as the Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 are a rec and we have your  
translation, that shall be included in the translations database.

I haved cc:ed the Members of the Best Practices Working Group to let them  
know of your Spanish translation.

Translation of:

    Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0

  by Marta Ocio Barriales

    Buenas prácticas para la web móvil 1.0

Best regards,

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