w3c translators guidelines: breaking news and responses

Hi everyone on w3c-translators!
First of all, I'd like to excuse for not having responded to the messages
on this list. I'm very busy with university studies. Morover,
I'm going to leave in a couple of days. I have to present some lectures
in North Italy, so I will not able to respond until the end of February.
I've considered with special attention and care
every single message you have sent.
I'm very grateful to everyone.

These guidelines, in my intention, will be written
taking in account two basic aspects: theory and practice.

The section on theory will be very short, indeed:
just some references to the correct approach to the translation
and more specifically to W3C Documents.

Semantics, linguistic, context, audience will be taken in account.

The section on practice, on the other hand,
will depend at most on contributes you will send to me in the form
you prefer (txt, doc, pdf, etc or email messages). I'd like to see
many examples of translation in action taken from your own languages
(if your language has some 'problem' in transcription, please use also a

I'm glad to say that I've started to write the first section.
You are free to send me your contributes, starting from the last days
of February. This is a work that should be developed with patience.
No need to hurry. bye and thanks again foy your emails.

Gabriele Romanato


Received on Thursday, 8 February 2007 09:57:47 UTC