Re: W3C Translators guidelines: a proposal

On Mon, 05 Feb 2007 21:28:34 +0530, Andrea García-Falces <> wrote:

> Dear Coralie, dear Gabriele, dear translators,
> I think all kind of initiatives on translation research must be encouraged.
> Something good must come out of it, especially if there is collaboration
> between translators from different countries and cultures. Of course, I
> would like to take part in it. However, I don’t know exactly what you have
> in mind, Gabriele. Could you be more specific? What is your intention, your
> working method? Have you got to something already?
> And, specially, where do we start from?

I agree that this is a good thing. I am a (fairly inactive) member of Sidar's 
translators' group, and would be interested in contributing.

I suggest one of two possible approaches. Either using a mailing list, so people 
can make proposals and also see what others have proposed, and publishing drafts 
so people can review them and make proposals (this is how most W3C documents are 
developed, actually), or using a wiki so people can just scribble stuff in it 
until we get something that makes sense.

It is easy enough to have a wiki page I believe, but I think it is a second-best 
option - it is much nicer to have a conversation that isn't scribbled all over 
the document, and doesn't have to be written in wiki syntax. And havng an editor 
is generally helpful if it is a good editor...



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