Introduction/reminder - W3C Translations

Dear translators

As Ivan announced already, I am taking over the monitoring of the W3C  
translations. I am also becoming the staff contact for the W3C Authorized  
translations. I will be doing that part-time, as a W3C Communications Team  
person, in addition to my other Communications duties. I am also a W3C  
Administration Team person.

I would like to take the opportunity of introducing myself to introduce to  
some of you and remind to the others some basics and tips of the W3C  

## Policy ##
The instructions on the W3C Translations page [1] should be followed, and  
translators should check they agree to section "Can I translate one of  
your specifications into another language?" in the W3C's intellectual  
rights FAQ [2].


## Inform us first ##
Send an email to before starting the translation  
and announce your intention. This is to ensure you're working on proper  
material and avoid duplicate work.

## What to translate ##
     * W3C Recommendations
     * Group Notes
     * W3C Outreach materials (Articles, Tutorials)

## Character encoding
Please use UTF-8.

## Markup ##
Please, preserve the original markup.
W3C provides a set of validators to ensure that your production has valid  
markup [3], valid links and anchors [4] and valid CSS stylesheets [5].


## Keywords and description meta-data ##
You may replace the English text or add a translation alongside. If you  
leave the English meta in, please ensure that there are lang="en" and  
xml:lang="en" attributes attached to it.

## Copyright ##
The copyright notice should be left at the bottom of the page, intact and  
in English, as described in the W3C Document License [6].


## Boilerplate text ##
In order to improve consistency and effectiveness, I would like to make  
available boilerplate code at least for the disclaimer (cf. [2]), for you  
to use. This is on my todo list.


I am still getting acquainted with the job and I hope to be up and running  
soon. Never hesitate to contact me for questions and comments.

I think this is fantastic the work you're doing. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Coralie Mercier  Communications | Administration
              World Wide Web Consortium -
  Home Office: 18 allée de la foret - 06550 La Roquette sur Siagne - FR
T:+33(0)492387590 F:+33(0)492387822

Received on Saturday, 29 July 2006 22:02:10 UTC