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Re: Translations

From: Auke Creutz <info@creuz.de>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 19:37:45 +0100
Message-ID: <424065F9.4050908@creuz.de>
To: w3c-translators@w3.org

PB schrieb:

> Le 22/03/2005 17:54, Auke Creutz a écrit:
>> Hello,
>> I have translated some of your tips into german:
>> http://creuz.de/artikel/Der+Titel%3A+Das+wichtigste+Element/
>> http://creuz.de/artikel/Mehr+als+nur+richtig/
>> http://creuz.de/artikel/Hier+klicken+ist+kein+Link-Text/
>> http://creuz.de/artikel/Vorsicht+bei+der+Schriftgr%F6%DFe/
>> This Website is atm not public.
>> >> the original URL, the status of the document, and its original 
>> copyright notice.
>> The original URI is named two times in every translation and also the 
>> status of the document.
>> Would it be okay if the copyright notice is only in the small, grey 
>> area with the class "anmerkung"?
>> with kind regards
>> Auke Creutz
> Dear Auke Creutz,
> I'm not as experimented as other translators on this list. I happen to 
> be translating the QA tips as well.
> I think we will all appreciate your contribution to the translation 
> effort of W3C documents. However, I have visited your pages and have a 
> few remarks that reflect _my_ point of view on translation :
> - Translation is not a way to add content to one's website but to 
> offer some stable space on one's website to make a document available 
> to most.

I hope that you have noticed that my website is only in a experimentall 
I have only uploaded the articles to show what i am talking about and 
therefor i have uploaded the whole 'system'.

> Therefore, I feel it would be deceptive to adapt the look to one's 
> site rather than keeping it W3C styled. A translator should not change 
> the styling of the document. 

see bottom

> - Likewise, a webmaster should not keep the only part of the document 
> he is interested in. That is why we are not suppose to change the 
> document structure, including navigation menus, "further reading" 
> links, etc.

Not done! I link only in the further reading section diretly to the 
original tip.

The structure is also nearly the same, i have only manipulated some 
things, you can not transfer in this direct way into german and i had 
also to add some things.

> - Following logically from these two points, the copyright notice 
> should be at the bottom of the document as it is in original documents

Thats what i wanted to do.

> , styled in the same way. 

> - Strict respect of the original document should NOT be restricted to 
> normative specifications only.
> - All these points are a matter of courtesy as much as intellectual 
> property.

> To see an illustration of these principles applied to QA Tips, you can 
> visit : http://peutch.free.fr/w3c/QA-Tips/noClickHere.htm
> It is the QA tip entitled "Don't use Click Here ...", tip which I have 
> just translated into French. You'll notice that I have carefully 
> respected the original document.

Oh. Did not know that this is so important. Is it really?
So maybe i will put it in an own section, which original style etc.

> Regards,
> PB
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