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Agenda for RDFCore WG Telecon 2002-11-22

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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 22:29:17 GMT
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To: w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org

10:00:00 Fri Nov 22 2002 in America/New York duration 60+30 minutes

which is equivalent to
15:00:00 Fri Nov 22 2002 in Europe/London

Phone: +1-617-761-6200 (Zakim)#7332
irc: irc.w3.org #rdfcore

1: Scribes
Jan has volunteered to scribe this week according to the minutes he wrote last week.  Are you doing double duty Jan?
Volunteer to scribe next

2: Roll Call

3: Review Agenda

4: Next telecon 29th Nov 2002
Thanks Giving?

5: Minutes of 2002-11-15 telecon


6: Confirm Status of Completed Actions

ACTION: 2002-02-25#18 bwm
ensure model theory updated to reflect semantics of rdf:value

ACTION: 2002-06-17#4 patH
Update the model theory to specify that rdfs:isDefinedBy is an rdfs:subPropertyOf rdfs:seeAlso.

ACTION: 2002-09-13#5 FrankM
update primer to reflect datatype concensus


ACTION: 2002-11-15#1 bwm
Figure out which bits of which documents you need to read to review datatypes.


ACTION: 2002-11-15#3 janG
produce DT test cases for this 22/Nov telecon


ACTION: 2002-11-15#4 bwm
to look at possible solutions for managing issue tracking for incorporating comments.


7: Testcases
2001-10-26-#1 bwm  make a test case to illustrate set/bag decision
2002-02-25#9  JanG  Ensure test cases for rdf:foo added to test cases WD
2002-04-05#5  Jeremy  write test cases for rdfms-xml-literal-namespaces
2002-04-19#14 danc  do entailement test case for container with rdfs:contains
2002-04-19#18 jan  produce test case for rdfs-subClassOf-a-Property
2002-06-07#3  JanG  Fold in the consensus test cases and bring back the rest to the group
2002-06-07#4  JanG  Update the test case problems reported by JeremyC and DaveB
2002-05-31#3  JanG  Update test case document with tests for parseType collection
2002-09-13#6  Jan  create testcase to reflect datatype concensus
2002-09-20#1  jjc  Produce test case domain and range.
2002-10-11#1  janG  add test cases from msg Oct/0098
2002-11-01#11 DanC  Create test cases for non datatyped simple literals

Datatype test cases:


Status.  Issues.


8: Schema
2002-06-17#1  danbri  Update RDFS spec to reflect resolution of 
2002-06-17#5  danbri  Update the schema spec to reflect the resolution of 
2002-06-17#6  danbri  Add to the schema document a comment clarifying the 
                      relationship between the idea that there is exactly one
                      namespace or schema associated with a property and the 
                      rdfs:isDefinedBy property.
2002-06-17#7  danbri  Update the schema spec to account for editorial issues 
                      listed under rdfs-editorial.
2002-06-18#1  danbri  republish the current rdf schema to the current rdf 
                      schema uri
2002-07-12#6  danbri  try to move sec 5 to schema doc
2002-09-13#3  Danbri  update schema to cover 2.1, 3.1, 3.2, 5 to reflect
                      datatype concensus
2002-11-01#14  danbri Contact jjc/gk to ask them to review schema draft 

Status.  Issues.

9: Primer
2002-04-19#16  danbri  review effect of containerMembershipProperty superproperty on primer
2002-05-03#4  em  liase with danbri to ensure primer and schema stay in sync over the isDefinedBy issue

Status.  Issues.

10: Concepts Doc
Status.  Issues.

What is the value space of rdf:XMLLiteral.
What is the abstract syntax for literals, specifically lang.
What about URI's no-one owns?

11: Model Theory
Status.  Issues.
What is the effect of moving XMLLiteral to the rdf namespace?


12: Syntax Document
Status Issues

13: The last deliverable

We still have to decide what to do about the RDFCore deliverable:

       * provide an account of the relationship between RDF and the XML 
family of technologies (particularly Schemas and Infoset/Query)

We need to figure out if/how we meet this deliverable.


14: Schedule
Jeremy's publication process proposal.


15: Issue Tracking

16: LBase Document
2002-11-01#16  danbri  team contact for publishinging LBase note



This agenda was produced by Jema, the Jena WG assistant
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