Circumstance, provenance and partial knowledge


Further to my last response on "Proposals? Re: use/mention and 
reification", I've reconsidered my position and started to sketch some 
revised proposals (attached).  At this stage, I'd like to know that I'm not 
misrepresenting too badly the essence of your approach to N3 contexts and 
reification (section 3).

The ideas here may represent a significant extension to the RDF language, 
so may be viewed as out of scope for discussion here.  They certainly would 
need an extension to the RDF semantics as currently defined.

(OTOH, it might be possible to define an encoding of nested contexts using 
reification and some derivative of containers as currently defined by M&S, 
and attach the extended semantics to that syntax, in which case it might 
fall well within our scope of clarifying M&S.)


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