I'm not necessarily closing this one (maybe). I suggest that we do add
something like the words in the SVG spec to the next syntax draft
- see SVG REC

so I tentatively propose adding a section to the sytax WD something like:

  The Internet Media Type/MIME type for RDF is "application/rdf+xml"
  (see [RFC3023]). The W3C will register this type around the
  time when this working draft is approved as a W3C Recommendation.

  It is recommended that RDF files have the extension ".rdf" (all
  lowercase) on all platforms.

  It is recommended that RDF files stored on Macintosh HFS file
  systems be given a file type of "rdf " (all lowercase, with a space
  character as the fourth letter).

and then later on start work based on Aaron's draft registration document:

We could say something more concrete - work will start when the
document reaches Candidate REC.

I think last time we discussed it, we wandered off into a thread
about the assertions of statements, rdfms-fragments

  May 2001:

It was also mentioned in Nov 2001 thread about rdfms-assertion


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