RDFCore 2001-06-29 Telecon Minutes

	      RDFCore 2001-06-29 Telecon Minutes



Roll call:

  - Art Barstow
  - Dave Beckett (scribe)
  - Ron Daniel
  - Mike Dean
  - Jos De Roo
  - Jan Grant
  - Martyn Horner
  - Graham Klyne
  - Frank Manola
  - Brian McBride (chair)
  - Sergey Melnik
  - Eric Miller
  - Stephen Petschulat
  - Pierre G. Richard
  - Aaron Swartz

Regrets: Dan Brickley, Frank Boumphrey, Dan Connolly, Bill de hOra,
         Yoshiyuki Kitahara, Satoshi Nakamura

Absent: Rael Dornfest, R.V. Guha, Pat Hayes, Michael Kopchenov, Ora Lassila

Review Agenda:
  - Brian McBride: xml:lang and literals
  - Brian McBride: issue priorities and partitioning

Review Minutes of the 2001-06-15 meeting:

    with the correction that action JUN-01-01-#1 was closed as per

  APPROVED (with above corrections)

Review Minutes of the 2001-06-22 meeting:


  with the correction that only Brian should be shown as chair as per


  and action JUN-01-01-#1 was closed in the previous meeting as per


  and action A4 was closed and discussion of the issue 
  was postponed.

  APPROVED (with above corrections)

Confirm following actions completed:

  ACTION: 2001-06-22#6: Dan Brickley: start activating issues on RDFS

  See http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-rdfcore-wg/2001Jun/0482.html

Review status of following actions:

ACTION: JUN-01-01-#9: Ora Lassila: send a note to the WG that describes
    how rdf:aboutEach is being used and how it was implemented

  CONTINUED (Ora Lassila absent)

ACTION: 2001-06-22#2: Brian McBride: Write a draft on what issues are
    in scope, how are they allocated to partitions, what are the

  CONTINUED (only partially done)

ACTION: 2001-06-22#3: All: Post issue priorities with reasons

  CONTINUED (need more feedback)

ACTION: 2001-06-22#4: Sergey Melnik: Summarize issue priorities that are
  posted by 9am San Francisco time, Wednesday 4th July.

  CONTINUED (after more feedback from above action)

ACTION: 2001-06-22#5: Dan Brickley: Get a draft of RDFSchema to the group.

  Dan posted his current work in progress to the list at

  CONTINUED (Dan Brickley absent)

ACTION: 2001-06-22#7: Brian McBride: Do a writeup of the containers proposal.

  Discussed below as Issue #1


ACTION: 2001-06-08#2: Dan Brickley: write up decision to allow partial
    descriptions of containers up in more detail for the list

  CONTINUED (Dan Brickley absent)

Issues discussion:

Issue #1

  Owner: Brian McBride

  The analysis in the meeting agenda:
  was accepted as closing the issue.

  ACTION: 2001-06-29#1: Brian McBride: put the writeup online.


Issue #2 

  Owner: Aaron Swartz

  Considered Aaron's resolution in:

  Discussion led to revised wording from Aaron:
    Usage of an rdf:ID attribute to identify the subject of a
    description, is equivalent to usage of an rdf:about attribute
    with the same content, except the content of the rdf:about
    attribute is prefixed by a '#' character and URI encoded.

  which was mostly agreed.  Discussion of proposal for adding an
  rdfs:isDefinedIn property for every ID did not get sufficient
  consensus - to be continued on email.

  ACTION: 2001-06-29#2: Ron Daniel: post an analysis of where the
    distinction of ID and about has been used.


Issue #3

  Owner: Stephen Petschulat

  Considered his summary in:


  and Ora Lassila's comments in

  and RESOLVED that:
     rdf:aboutEach is not allowed on an rdf:Description element which
     is an object of a statement.


Issue #4 

  Owner: Jan Grant

  Discussed his proposal in:


  Brian McBride proposed the issue be postponed since Dan Brickley
  and Dan Connolly were not present and had points they wanted to raise.

  ACTION: 2001-06-29#3: Ron Daniel: post an email about how support of
    xml:base would generate different things in RDF/XML parsers.


Any Other Business

xml:lang and literals - Brian McBride

  Presentation from Brian that xml:lang is not in the formal model
  but sort-of is from the prose and syntax and proposes that a
  literal might be at least a pair of items (string, language).

  Sergey Melnik brought up adding namespaces to the RDF model which
  is not currently recorded on the issues list.

  ACTION: 2001-06-29#4: Brian McBride: Update the
   issue to add Sergey's question:
      Namespaces are used as an abbreviation in the syntax - is it
      syntactic sugar or part of the model?

  Wide ranging discussion of literals and xml:lang - implementation
  experience, querying - see the chat log. Several strong expressions
  of support given for xml:lang as already used in applications.

  Discussion of xml:lang as a special case of more general/primitive
  data types.  Taken as a slightly separate issue left that can
  for another time since it might be more than a 1.0 clarification.

  ACTION: 2001-06-29#5: Jan Grant, Eric Miller, Martyn Horner:
    generate use cases and requirements for language (xml:lang) and

Changing time of face-to-face meeting - Frank Manola

  Brian McBride - no, the meeting will remain 1 and 2 August 2001 as
  previously decided since several people have already booked travel
  and accommodation.

Date of next meeting:

  In one week at 2001-07-06, 10am Boston time, same place.

  To be confirmed due to US national holiday on 2001-07-04

  Eric Miller: probable regrets

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