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RDFCore Minutes of telecon 2001-06-22

From: Stephen Petschulat/CanWest/IBM <spetschu@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 14:48:07 -0700
To: w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org
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RDFCore WG 2001-06-22 Teleconference minutes




Roll call:

  - Art Barstow
  - Dan Brickley (chair)
  - Brian McBride (chair)
  - Ron Daniel
  - Jos De Roo
  - Mike Dean
  - Pat Hayes
  - Graham Klyne
  - Sergey Melnik
  - Eric Miller
  - Stephen Petschulat (scribe)
  - Aaron Swartz

  Regrets: Dave Beckett, Dan Connolly, Frank Manola, Bill dehOra, Jan
Grant, Martyn Horner

  Absent: Pierre Richard, R.V. Guha, Ora Lasilla, Frank Boumphrey, Michael
Kopchenov, Yoshiyuki Kitahara, Satoshi Nakamura, Rael Dornfest

Review Agenda:

  Someone suggested a discussion on semantics as AOB if time permits

Review minutes of the last meeting:


  with various corrections at


Confirm following actions completed:

  AP: 2001-06-15#1: Brian: Update comment in:



  AP: 2001-06-15#2: Jan: Review test cases in:



  AP: 2001-06-15#3: Jan: Write up proposal for RDF embedded in an XML
  which has an xml:base attribute should be processed.

  AP: 2001-06-15#4: Brian: Write up a draft partitioning of the problem

Review status of following actions:

  A4: Guha: re #rdfms-reification-required: Present analaysis to list
  for discussion.
   POSTPONED (absent).

  ACTION: JUN-01-01-#1: Martyn: create test cases rdfms-resource-semantics
   POSTPONED (absent).

  ACTION: JUN-01-01-#9: Ora: send a note to the WG that describes
  how aboutEach is being used and how it was implemented
   POSTPONED (absent).

Discussion Items:

Partitioning the Problem Space

  Much discussion on this (see chat log).

Face to Face Meeting - Goals and Objectives & More Partitioning the Problem

  [These discussion morphed together. See chat log for the full story.]

  Brians F2F agenda proposal

  General agreement we need to define what we want to accomplish in
advance, not when
  we get there. Some concern that there is a lot to tackle. Concern was
expressed about
  the timing w.r.t the SWWS [1]. Do we miss a half day of the Symposium or
a half day of the WG

  ACTION: 2001-06-22#1: sergey: Talk to organizers about scheduling of

  A number of people pointed out we need to tackle the core stuff
(foundation, big picture,
  meaty technical issues, etc.) Proposal that three key areas need to be
addressed before the meeting:

  1. Which issues are in scope?
  2. What are the partitions?
  3. What are the dependencies between the issues?

  ACTION: 2001-06-22#2: Brian: Draft up these three points and post to

  Eric suggests we all prioritize the issues to focus the group better. Dan
pointed out there
  are already partitions laid out in

  ACTION: 2001-06-22#3: All: Post priorities with reasons
  ACTION: 2001-06-22#4: Sergey: Summarize priorities that are posted

  More discussion on partitioning (see chat log). Discussion on schema.

  ACTION: 2001-06-22#5: DanBri: Get a draft of RDFSchema to the group.
  ACTION: 2001-06-22#6: DanBri: start activating issues on RDFS

  The URI for Dan's edits-in-progress WG internal copy is:

  ACTION: 2001-06-22#7: Brian: Do a writeup of the containers proposal.

  More discussion on the F2F. 20-30 people expected to come.


  Out of time. Did not cover any of the ISSUEs listed.

Date of next meeting:

  One week, 2001-06-29. Same time, same place.

[1] http://www.semanticweb.org/SWWS/
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