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An example of use cases and requirements for supporting language in RDF

From: Eric Miller <em@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2001 09:42:53 -0400
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To: w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org
Per last week's teleconference notes,
At 06:53 PM 7/1/2001 +0100, Dave Beckett wrote:
>   ACTION: 2001-06-29#5: Jan Grant, Eric Miller, Martyn Horner:
>     generate use cases and requirements for language (xml:lang) and
>     literals.

Here is a simple example of a particular use case and requirements for 
supporting language in RDF:

DCMI Multiple Languages Special Interest Group
The mission of the Special Interest Group on Dublin Core in Multiple 
Languages is to coordinate the development of the Dublin Core as a 
multilingual metadata standard. As of June 1998, our focus is on creating a 
distributed registry of Dublin Core in multiple languages using the 
Resource Description Framework (RDF), an emerging standard syntax for 
expressing metadata schemas on the Web.
-- http://dublincore.org/groups/languages/

which has direct implications/requirements on the DCMI Registry group

The DCMI Registry Working Group aims to establish a metadata registry to 
support the activity of the DCMI. Exploration of the role of a DCMI 
registry is becoming a priority task in order to manage Dublin Core 
elements and qualifiers as they are used and adapted for an increasingly 
diverse set of applications.
-- http://dublincore.org/groups/registry/

a prototype registry services (registry here is the web.. really what this 
is is a database of RDF Schemas) is available at


and if you search for 'creator' (for example) you would find

Item # 1
rdf:label Author/Creator
rdf:label Verfasser oder Urheber
rdf:label Créateur


This service is made up of loading RDF Schemas that have been created by 
people in the DCMI Multiple Languages Special Interest Group.  Ideally each 
of these schemas would be maintained by organizations committed to long 
term persistence of these vocabularies. Unfortunately, these policies have 
not yet been articulated and agreed upon as the schemas that were used to 
load this prototype service are no longer available in their declared location.

Sample search scenarios for this kind of service might be on the order of:

'show me the french representation of the dc:title element'
'show me the DCES in german'

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