Latest Version of XML Signature Specification (2nd Last Call)

W3C Status of this document

    This specification from the IETF/W3C XML Signature Working Group is a
    second last call that ends on November 5, 2000. We ask Working Group
    members and other readers to review our approach to all issues raised
    by the first last call and, more substantively, consider changes
    resulting from the recent Canonical XML last call upon which this
    specification is dependent. Barring substantive comment (we expect
    little), we will request Candidate Recommendation status as soon as
    possible (following the Canonical XML request). However, we do wish to
    ensure that readers are aware of following three changes:
     1. We've changed the Reference Processing Model (section to
        permit the presentation and acceptance of XML node-sets between
        Transforms (and resulting from some URI References) when
          1. We accomplish this by heavily relying upon the XPath
             specification but still do NOT require a conformant XPath
     2. We've revised the treatment of pre-pended algorithm object
        identifier within the encoded RSA SignatureValue by the PKCS1
        algorithm (section 6.4.2).
     3. We've revised the X509Data element (section  4.4.4) to clarify the
        treatment of certificate "bags" and CRLs within that structure.


Joseph Reagle Jr.
W3C Policy Analyst      
IETF/W3C XML-Signature Co-Chair

Received on Monday, 18 September 2000 13:59:16 UTC