Errors in Section SignatureProperties

Hello Joseph,

I think there are still two errors in the SignatureProperties section
(5.29 of the current editor copy of the XML-Signature working draft:

>   <element name='SignatureProperty'>
>     <complexType content='mixed'>
>       <any namespace='##other' processContents='lax' minOccurs='1'
>       <attribute name='Target' type='uriReference' use='required'/>
>       <attribute name='Id' type='ID' use='optional'/>
>     </complexType>
>   </element>

1. Since the content model is mixed, also a SignatureProperty  Element
   with no subelements, but only textual content should be allowed.
   the minOccurs attribute should have a correct value of '0'

>   <!ELEMENT SignatureProperty %Object.ANY; >
>   <!ATTLIST SignatureProperty
>             Target CDATA    #REQUIRED
>             Id ID  #IMPLIED  >

>   <!ENTITY % Object.ANY

2. The content model for SignatureProperty according to the DTD definition
   also things like Signature and SignatureProperties, which are in the
   of XML-Signature. This is in contradiction with the declartion of
   namespace='##other' in the schema above.

Regards, Gregor
Gregor Karlinger
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Received on Monday, 28 August 2000 05:37:24 UTC