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     Wouldn't the example of multiple X509Data's in a single KeyInfo make
more sense if the certificates formed a chain?  There is an example, which
I hope is fairly understandable, in my earlier posting
That example has X509Data's for three separate certificates, the first of
which is an end-user certificate which was the signer of the actual
document, the second of which is a CA certificate which is the issuer of
the first certificate, and the third of which is a root CA which was the
issuer of the second certificate.

          Tom Gindin

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I think your DTD for the X509Data element is slightly incorrect.  What you
sent around would allow zero-or-more certs or zero-or-more CRLs in a single
X509Data.  What I believe was proposed in Pittsburgh was this:

   <element name='X509Data'>
     <complexType content='elementOnly'>
       <choice minOccurs='1' maxOccurs='1'>
         <sequence minOccurs='1' maxOccurs='unbounded'>
           <choice minOccurs='1' maxOccurs='1'>
             <element ref='ds:X509IssuerSerial'/>
             <element name='X509SKI' type='ds:CryptoBinary'/>
             <element name='X509SubjectName' type='string'/>
           <element name='X509Certificate' type='ds:CryptoBinary'/>
         <element name='X509CRL' type='ds:CryptoBinary' minOccurs='1'

or in DTD:

   <!ELEMENT X509Data ((X509IssuerSerial | X509SKI | X509SubjectName |
X509Certificate)+ | X509CRL) >
   <!ELEMENT X509IssuerSerial (X509IssuerName, X509SerialNumber) >
   <!ELEMENT X509IssuerName (#PCDATA) >
   <!ELEMENT X509SubjectName (#PCDATA) >
   <!ELEMENT X509SerialNumber (#PCDATA) >
   <!ELEMENT X509Certificate (#PCDATA) >

That is, a single X509Data may contain a collection of certs, SKI,
SubjectName & IssuerSerial identifiers, so long as (a) all SKI, SubjectName
& IssuerSerial references refer to the same key, and (b) at least one of
certs has a subject public key that will verify the signature.
Alternatively, an X509Data may contain exactly one CRL (what you have below
would allow multiple CRLs within a single X509Data).


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Subject: X509Data tweaks

Here is a modified version of the section on X509Data as per the
discussion in Pittsburgh:

<h3>4.4.4 The <a id="sec-X509Data"
name="sec-X509Data"><code>X509Data</code></a> Element</h3>

<p>An <code>X509Data</code> element within <code>KeyInfo</code>
contains one or more identifiers of keys or identifiers of 509
certificates or X509 certificates or X509 certificate revocation lists
that may be useful for validation. Five types of <code>X509Data</code>
are defined:

  <li>The <code>X509IssuerSerial</code> element, which contains an
  X.509 issuer distinguished name/serial number pair that SHOULD be
  compliant with <u>RFC2253 [<a href="#ref-LDAP-DN">LDAP-DN</a>]</u>,
  <li>The <code>X509SubjectName</code> element, which contains an
  X.509 subject distinguished name that SHOULD be compliant with
  <u>RFC2253 [<a href="#ref-LDAP-DN">LDAP-DN</a>]</u>, </li>
  <li>The <code>X509SKI</code> element, which contains an X.509 subject key
  identifier value.</li>
  <li>The <code>X509Certificate</code> element,
  which contains a Base64-encoded X.509v3 certificate, and</li>
  <li>The <code>X509CRL</code> element, which contains a
  Base64-encoded X.509v2 certificate revocation list (CRL).</li>

<p>Multiple declarations about a single certificate (e.g., a
<code>X509SubjectName</code> and <code>X509IssuerSerial</code>
element) MUST be grouped inside a single <code>X509Data</code>
element; multiple declarations about the same key but different
certificates (related to that single key) MUST be grouped within a
single <code>KeyInfo</code> element but MAY occur in multiple
<code>X509Data</code> elements.  For example, the
following block contains two pointers to certificate-A (issuer/serial
number and SKI) and a single reference to certificate-B

<pre class="xml-example">   &lt;X509Data&gt; &lt;!-- two pointers to
certificate-A --\
class="tx">CN=TAMURA Kent, OU=TRL, O=IBM,
        L=Yamato-shi, ST=Kanagawa, C=JP</span>&lt;/X509IssuerName&gt;
   &lt;X509Data&gt; &lt;!-- single pointer to certificate-B --&gt;
     &lt;X509SubjectName&gt;Subject of <u>Certificate

<p><u>Note: Direct provision is not made for a PKCS#7 encoded
&quot;bag&quot; of certificates or CRLs but such a set of
certificates or CRLs can occur within an X509Data element. Whenever
multiple certificates occur in an <code>X509Data</code> element, at
least one such certificate must contain the public key which verifies
the signature.</u></p>

;element name='X509IssuerName' type='string' minOccurs='1' maxOccurs='1'/\
         &lt;element name='X509SerialNumber' type='<u>integer</u>'
minOccurs='1' maxO\

<pre class="xml-dtd">

 <u>  &lt;!ELEMENT X509Data ((X509IssuerSerial | X509SKI |
                      X509Certificate* | X509CRL*)&gt;</u>
   &lt;!ELEMENT X509IssuerSerial (X509IssuerName, X509SerialNumber) &gt;
   &lt;!ELEMENT X509IssuerName (#PCDATA) &gt;
   &lt;!ELEMENT X509SubjectName (#PCDATA) &gt;
   &lt;!ELEMENT X509SerialNumber (#PCDATA) &gt;
   &lt;!ELEMENT X509SKI (#PCDATA) &gt;
   &lt;!ELEMENT X509Certificate (#PCDATA) &gt;
   &lt;!ELEMENT X509CRL (#PCDATA) &gt;

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