XML-Query and Canonical XML

The XML-Query (http://www.w3.org/XML/Query ) working group didn't find any reason 
during this review period to prevent the Canonical XML specification 
to advance to the Candidate Recommandation status.
In particular, one of the reasons why the XML-Query wg felt the work 
on Canonical XML could have impacted the XML-Query work (comparing XML
structures) have lead instead to the realization that the comparison, for
XML-Query purposes, should be done on the PSV infoset rather than the text 
representation. Therefore, this critical issue has become a matter of coordination 
with XML Schema. We don't exclude that further analysis might lead Query to find 
other subtle contact points and required feedback from Canonical XML, but as said, 
nobody in the XML-Query wg could so far find any other critical issue, and therefore 
now from the XML-Query perspective there are no stopovers for Canonical XML to 
advance to CR status.

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Received on Friday, 11 August 2000 18:47:17 UTC