RE: XSL Transform

At 13:54 7/26/2000 -0400, Ed Simon wrote:
 >I think we need input from someone like Henry T. who deeply 
 >understands schemas.  

While we await an answer from Henry, I came up with the following prose (if
schema doesn't do the complete trick) since I'm looking at that section
anyway. We could probably get rid of the XSLT element type in the dsig
namespace as its just a hint in the schema that style sheets can go there ...

6.6.5 XSLT Transform
The Transform element contains a single <XSLT> element /+ that MUST contain
a single <stylesheet> element (and its children/content) as defined by the
XSL Transforms [XSLT] language and its namespace.+/ The processing rules for
the XSLT transform are stated in the XSLT specification [XSLT].

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