Re: XMLDSIG Interop in connection with 48th IETF

Interoperation is between signature creation software and signature
verification software.  Interoperation test cases are likely to use
features defined in only a part of the DTD so I don't see that
differences in other parts would have any effect, even for
implementations that use an explicit DTD.


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Date:  Tue, 18 Jul 2000 13:07:00 -0400
To:  Owen Roberts <>
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>At 12:38 7/18/00 +0100, Owen Roberts wrote:
> >Also, will there be a standard DTD to perform interop against? Schemas
> >aren't widely implemented in DOM world. 
> >We are just using the DTD out of the latest draft. (broken as it is
> >to the schema)
>How do you mean broken? Kevin has pointed out one problem and alluded to
>others, if you guys point them out, I'll be happy to fix them in the next
>version. It's just that tweaking something in the spec, then in the actual
>file, then validating the schema/DTD and then examples, find bug, reiterate,
>can get hairy sometimes. <smile>
> >Is anyone doing validation against schems??
>I'm doing syntactical (not cryptographic) validation using [1].
> >We are supporting 
> >explictly namespace qualified elements in XML with no validation (although
> >still based on DTD)
> >or 
> >no namespace qualifications in XML with validation against said DTD.
>I think for the purposes of Interop, it would make sense to create an
>application DTD with Signature+application declarations by which we can test
>enveloped and enveloping Signatures. Do you already have one?
>People should feel free to send examples/DTDs to the list right now (and
>attachments are decoded with their own URL which is convenient) as a start,
>and then we can put a more formal document together (or if someone wants to
>contribute that now, that's welcome too!)
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