Re: Valid XML and Schema Normative?

At 12:52 2000-07-06 -0400, Ken Goldman wrote:
 >Could you give an XML snippet of this, showing the issue?

Assuming that the following well formed XML instance reference 
and signature validates, is the following example a valid 
Signature? (It violates the specified content model).

I'm slightly confusing the syntactical violation with a clear violation
of semantics ("disclaimer") just to show why this might be important, 
but [x01-03] could be any name space qualified and wellformed XML.

   [s01] <Signature Id="MyFirstSignature" xmlns=""> 
   [s02]   <SignedInfo> 
   [x01]     <disclaimer xmlns="">
   [x02]     <declaration>this signature is invalid on tuesdays</declaration>
   [x03]     </disclaimer>
   [s03]   <CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm=""/> 
   [s04]   <SignatureMethod Algorithm=""/> 
   [s05]   <Reference URI=""> 
   [s06]     <Transforms> 
   [s07]       <Transform Algorithm=""/> 
   [s08]     </Transforms> 
   [s09]     <DigestMethod Algorithm=""/> 
   [s10]     <DigestValue>j6lwx3rvEPO0vKtMup4NbeVu8nk=</DigestValue> 
   [s11]   </Reference> 
   [s12] </SignedInfo> 
   [s13]   <SignatureValue>MC0CFFrVLtRlk=...</SignatureValue> 
   [s14]   <KeyInfo> 
   [s15a]    <KeyValue>
   [s15b]      <DSAKeyValue> 
   [s15c]        <P>...</P><Q>...</Q><G>...</G><Y>...</Y> 
   [s15d]      </DSAKeyValue> 
   [s15e]    </KeyValue> 
   [s16]   </KeyInfo> 
   [s17] </Signature>

Joseph Reagle Jr.   
W3C Policy Analyst      
IETF/W3C XML-Signature Co-Chair

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