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Hi Everybody,

There are two ways which i know, can be made at the client end to enable
users to open word application seperately from a browser window.

1. Change the File Type setting on the Folder Options from explorer and
Uncheck the option of opening word in same browser window for MS Office
document types.

2. Enable 'Initialzie and script Active X controls not marked as Safe' in
the security settings of IE browser. Then using javascript code, we can pass
the url of the document to be opened and invoke the office application

But it shall not be a good way to enforce users to make some settings in
their browsers to allow web applications invoke some Active X component on
the client machine.

Moreover even in the above TWO cases, when user opens a document from a
WebDAV folder, user is not able to save the document back in the same WebDAV
folder by clicking on the SAVE button of MS Office application.

Only when the document is opened using IE as 'Open as Web Folder', user is
able to make changes to the document and save the document by just clicking
on SAVE button. One way that i have found so far is to open a folder using
AnchorClick object of Microsoft, as a Web Folder view.

But my problem is to open a document from a Web Folder and not a Web Folder.
So far i have not found any answer to this.

Looking for a response soon,


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> Parvathi K wrote:
> > Hi Everybody,
> >
> > I want to access some documents in a WebDAV folder using my web
> >
> > The word document or xls document to be accessed is in a WebDAV folder.
> > I want to provide option for the user to open, edit and save the
> > documents in the webdav folder through my web application. The document
> > names are displayed in a web page and when user clicks on the document
> > name, the document is opened from the webdav folder in a new browser
> > window - the document is opened using word plugin of IE. Now after user
> > makes some changes when user clicks on 'Save' button word tries to save
> > the document in its temporary folder rather in the Web DAV folder. I do
> > not want the user to use the 'Save As' option of word to save the
> > document in web dav folder. Kindly let me know what extra handling i
> > should make so that the MS Word active x component shall open the
> > document as if it is opening it from Web Dav Folder.
> >
> > When the document is opened from IE using 'Open as Web Fodler' option,
> > word allows to save the changes in web folder with simply 'Save' option.
> > I want to simulate the same method when user opens the document using my
> > web application.
> >
> > Please let me know how is this possible.
> > Best Regards,
> Whether or not Office opens a document read-only (as above) or
> read-write depends on the particular Office version and possibly some
> local settings on the client. As far as I can tell, there's nothing a
> server can do to enforce a particular behaviour of the client.
> That being said; if it's ok to send HTML + JScript, an HTML page sent by
> the server may be able to directly instantiate Word and let it open
> directly the document. Never have done this myself, though.
> Hope this helps,
> Julian
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