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Parvathi K wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> I want to access some documents in a WebDAV folder using my web application.
> The word document or xls document to be accessed is in a WebDAV folder. 
> I want to provide option for the user to open, edit and save the 
> documents in the webdav folder through my web application. The document 
> names are displayed in a web page and when user clicks on the document 
> name, the document is opened from the webdav folder in a new browser 
> window - the document is opened using word plugin of IE. Now after user 
> makes some changes when user clicks on 'Save' button word tries to save 
> the document in its temporary folder rather in the Web DAV folder. I do 
> not want the user to use the 'Save As' option of word to save the 
> document in web dav folder. Kindly let me know what extra handling i 
> should make so that the MS Word active x component shall open the 
> document as if it is opening it from Web Dav Folder.
> When the document is opened from IE using 'Open as Web Fodler' option, 
> word allows to save the changes in web folder with simply 'Save' option. 
> I want to simulate the same method when user opens the document using my 
> web application.
> Please let me know how is this possible.
> Best Regards,

Whether or not Office opens a document read-only (as above) or 
read-write depends on the particular Office version and possibly some 
local settings on the client. As far as I can tell, there's nothing a 
server can do to enforce a particular behaviour of the client.

That being said; if it's ok to send HTML + JScript, an HTML page sent by 
the server may be able to directly instantiate Word and let it open 
directly the document. Never have done this myself, though.

Hope this helps,


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