Re: Status of working group last call on BIND

Lisa Dusseault wrote:
> I've limited myself to the role of reviewer on BIND because I wanted to  
> do a bunch of technical and spec clarity reviews.  Normally that's well  
> within the scope of a chair and in fact expected of them, but it seemed  
> to be causing some tension in this case so process stuff for BIND is  
> all in Joe's hands.

It would be really nice if the WG chairs could come up with a statement 
about where we are and what needs to be done to proceed. Last Call ended 
a month ago; and nothing has happened since. Also note that we're 
already 8 months behind the schedule outlined in the charter (and that 
charter has been updated just a year ago).

If the expectation is that one of the authors submits the document 
directly to our Area Director (Ted), that's fine with me. I'd just like 
to be made aware of it.

Best regards, Julian

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