Re: WG Last call for BIND

> I share Julian's concern that the lack of a "vote against" feature 
> makes the bugzilla voting mechanism not very useful/appropriate for 
> specifications issues.  The policy of limiting the number of votes 
> (currently set to just 1) further limits the utility of this mechanism 
> (and encourages bundling all of ones issues into a single "report" so 
> that you can vote for all of them without spending multiple votes).

Sorry about that.  I've set the max votes to 100.

> I also share his puzzlement over the "you can't reopen an issue unless 
> you want to" rule (:-).

Hopefully I clarified that in my response to him.

> A key point is how one determines rough consensus (since the voting 
> mechanism doesn't help with that).  Any thoughts on how that would be 
> determined?

Chair omniscience.  :)

Seriously, if there are multiple camps that can't come together, we'll 
have to keep working.

I'll suggest again that those who want these drafts to continue to make 
forward progress would benefit from coming to an IETF meeting and doing 
some good old-fashioned politics.  Meet people.  Make friends.  Explain 
your point of view.  Relationships, trust, and respect can drive a 
group towards consensus.

Received on Wednesday, 12 January 2005 06:37:41 UTC