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Re: Are we done with draft-hoffman-ftp-uri-02.txt?

From: Graham Klyne <GK@ninebynine.org>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 16:22:38 +0100
Message-Id: <>
To: Paul Hoffman / IMC <phoffman@imc.org>, uri@w3.org


Responding to your call for review, I took a look and generally I think it 
looks fine, but I do have a couple of comments/questions:


1.  Introduction, and elsewhere:

I assume this reference:
   draft-fielding-uri-rfc2396bis [2396bis]
will be updated as this goes forward for publication?


2.  Scheme Definition:
    A FTP URL follows the standard syntax described in
    draft-fielding-uri-rfc2396bis [2396bis].  If :<port> is omitted, the
    port defaults to 21.
That's the command channel port, right?  Does the FTP URI spec have 
anything to say about the data channel port?  I guess not.


2.2  FTP url-path:
    Historical note: Most FTP client implementations precede the <cwd1>
    with a "/" before sending the CWD command.  This is arguably in
    conflict with RFC 1738, although the practice is quite widespread.
    Thus, a client that is presented with the URL
    <URL:ftp://myname@example.com/abc/def> might send the two commands
    "CWD /abc" and "RETR def" or it might send the two commands "CWD abc"
    and "RETR def".  Server implementers should be aware of these two
    different interpretations of the same URL.

That looks like a potential security problem to me... shouldn't FTP servers 
avoid allowing accesses outside the indicated user's area (subtree)?

I don't recall the details of how FTP works here, but is this topic worth a 
note under security considerations?



At 18:19 28/10/04 -0700, Paul Hoffman / IMC wrote:

>In a previous message, I said:
>>I updated the "ftp" draft to reflect the discussion on the list; it is 
>>now available as draft-hoffman-ftp-uri-02.txt. I think I got it right, 
>>but having folks review it would be great. Is it done, or did I mess up, 
>>or did I get it right but it could use more explanation?
>>  . . .
>>         Title           : The ftp URI Scheme
>>         Author(s)       : P. Hoffman
>>         Filename        : draft-hoffman-ftp-uri-02.txt
>>         Pages           : 5
>>         Date            : 2004-10-21
>>A URL for this Internet-Draft is:
>It would be grand to hear if anyone has any further refinements that they 
>want made to this draft in the next few weeks.
>--Paul Hoffman, Director
>--Internet Mail Consortium

Graham Klyne
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