RE: telephone URLs, comments on draft-antti-telephony-url-04

> The conclusion from my side is only that I see problems with starting
> beliving that we can do something about the highly unstructured telephone
> number allocation problem on the Internet. We can not, and from my point of
> view, should not. It is better if the URL is "just" phone:number.

Patrik, the Internet Fax group came to a different conclusion, after
with a number of experts in the telephone industry. There is a single global
telephone number space, whose use is increasing, and which makes a uniform
space, and such numbers belonged in the standard for global access.

From the global phone number perspective, you can treat tel://n1/n2/n3/n4 as if
"//" were an initial "+" and "/" were just a delimiter, but from an
perspective, the creator of such a URL is asserting a hierarchy.

In Denmark, there would be no hierarchy after the initial
Any kind of area, city or region code would be entirely optional.


>     Patrik

Received on Monday, 29 June 1998 19:06:03 UTC