RE: telephone URLs, comments on draft-antti-telephony-url-04

At 09.03 +0200 98-06-29, Vaha-Sipila Antti (NMP) wrote:
>Or something to that effect, anyway. What do you think?
>Note that the country code is omitted from the hierarchical URL. In a
>situation where there is no area code (Denmark? Can anyone confirm
>this?), would there then be null strings in the hierarchical URL?

There are no are codes in Denmark, and it is also the case that the areas
themselves are split in several areas in some qountries which are either
geographical, administrative, or both. Those boundaries are not based on
base 10 in the number series, just like class-less division of the IP
address space is not done on base 10 (i.e. I think of the problem of
delegating the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone according to the class-less boundaries).

It is also the case that just because you can dial a certain number on your
phone does not mean that that number is sent over the wire, and neither
that that number is used between the switches -- just like a URL can be
viewed in different ways. I just saw a recommendation in one GSM network in
North America that their users should dial 401-123-1234, i.e. area code
first without the '1'!

The conclusion from my side is only that I see problems with starting
beliving that we can do something about the highly unstructured telephone
number allocation problem on the Internet. We can not, and from my point of
view, should not. It is better if the URL is "just" phone:number.


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