date in URN

Is the idea to require a syntax that has a date?
or would it just be part of the OS
	dns-urn:netloc/OS           (where OS = date/doc-id)

Also, would you elaborate on the difficulties with potential reuse of
identifiers and how this solves them. If URNs will have a date in them,
then the RFC should say something about why they are needed.

Larry Masinter wrote:
|>The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that if URNs are to be as
|>persistent as possible, that they should be numeric (or alphanumeric codes
|>like the LoC numbers or British/Canadian postal code system).  If you use
|>human-readable names like "proper" or "ibm" people will get emotional and/or
|>possessive about them, making it much harder to prevent the URNs containing
|>them from changing over time.
|At the last URI meeting, it was suggested that adding a date stamp to
|a DNS name might circumvent the impermanence of DNS names. The
|granularity of the date stamp need not be small, e.g., just a year
|might do, and certainly year/month.
|This would solve a variety of difficulties with potential reuse of

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