Re: Turtle update (was Re: RDF Syntaxes 2.0)

Andy Seaborne wrote:
> What woudl be nice is to iron out the differences in the details e.g. of
> prefixed names between SPARQL, Turtle and N3.  Then we have a set of
> basic terms for UIR, literal, prefixed name and bnodes on which to build
> various synatxes like TriG, N-quads+prefixes, Turtle, and also use such
> terms in non-RDF formats like TSV.

We could try but I think there might be a clash in
- what XML Namespaces spec allows (including Unicode issues)
- backwards compatibility with N3, Turtle especially around '.'s and integer

I did summarize some of this in the Turtle doc in section 10 for SPARQL

but I haven't looked at what the latest RDFa CURIES (is that the name)


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