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EPUB uses and old RELAX NG schema for XML digital signature MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) (Saturday, 27 February)

Powerbox proposal - comments? Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 26 February)

Editorial Update: Updated XML Security RNG Schemas draft Frederick Hirsch (Thursday, 25 February)

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-03-02 Frederick Hirsch (Thursday, 25 February)

Updating RNG Schemas for XML Security: KeyInfoReference, Encryption, Generic Hybrid Ciphers Frederick Hirsch (Thursday, 25 February)

ACTION 515: Propose schema addition for ISSUE-186 (Thursday, 25 February)

Generic Hybrid Cipher - review + suggested updates Magnus Nystrom (Wednesday, 24 February)

ISSUE-188: Agreement referenced in XML Signature 1.1 but definition not clear [Sig11 (XML Signature 1.1)] XML Security Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 23 February)

Request for review: EXI integration with XML Encryption Thomas Roessler (Tuesday, 23 February)

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-02-23 Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 22 February)

Editorial Update: XML Signature 1.1 for KeyInfoReference Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 22 February)

Editorial Update: XML Signature Properties Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 22 February)

Fwd: Document Action: 'Elliptic Curve Private Key Structure' to Informational RFC Thomas Roessler (Tuesday, 16 February)

New draft of Canonical XML 2.0 Pratik Datta (Sunday, 14 February)

RE: New draft of Signature 2.0 Pratik Datta (Friday, 12 February)

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-02-16 Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 12 February)

ISSUE-187: Last Call Issue - Retrieval Method schema and usability [Sig11 (XML Signature 1.1)] XML Security Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 12 February)

Proposed update to XML Signature Properties Frederick Hirsch (Thursday, 11 February)

Draft minutes 2010-02-09 Frederick Hirsch (Wednesday, 10 February)

ACTION-516: Last call comment/proposal for XML Signature 1.1 Scott Cantor (Tuesday, 9 February)

ACTION-510 Propose explanation of use of content vs. element in implementations Pratik Datta (Tuesday, 9 February)

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 2010-02-09 Frederick Hirsch (Sunday, 7 February)

Updated home page Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 5 February)

Transition Announcement: Last Call WD XML Signature 1.1 and XML SIgnature Properties Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 5 February)

ACTION-502: Propose new model for RetrievalMethod in 2.0 Scott Cantor (Tuesday, 2 February)

Re: ISSUE-186: What is the normative content of section 5.4.2? (PBKDF2) [Enc11 (XML Encryption 1.1)] Thomas Roessler (Tuesday, 2 February)

Re: XML Security RNG Schemas and WG1 review MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) (Tuesday, 2 February)

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