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Checked in new version of interop test document Sean Mullan (Thursday, 29 November)

draft-eastlake-additional-xmlsec-uris-00 Eastlake III Donald-LDE008 (Tuesday, 27 November)

Draft minutes: XMLsec weekly 2007-11-27 Thomas Roessler (Tuesday, 27 November)

Agenda: Distributed meeting 2007-11-27 v2 Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 26 November)

Agenda: Distributed meeting 2007-11-27 Frederick Hirsch (Tuesday, 20 November)

Updated XML Signature draft, pls review change Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 12 November)

Proposed changes to C14N11 red-line for sections 2.4, 3.8, Appendix A - please review Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 12 November)

Agenda: XMLSec WG Meetings 2007-11-08 and 2007-11-09 (v4) Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 9 November)

Re: Initial stab at documentation of xmldsig-core changes Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 9 November)

RE: Request for a new SignatureMethod Algorithm Identifier in RFC 4051 Eastlake III Donald-LDE008 (Thursday, 8 November)

XML Signature 2.0 Strawman Proposal Ed Simon (Wednesday, 7 November)

Minutes for XML Core Nov 6 f2f morning (C14N 1.1) Grosso, Paul (Tuesday, 6 November)

Proposal for changes to C14N11 related to XMLSec interop feedback Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 5 November)

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