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XProc canceled 30 Mar 2016 Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 29 March)

XProc f2f meeting in the summer Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 23 March)

Change of WebEx behavior? Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 23 March)

XProc Agenda 23 Mar 2016 Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 22 March)

Converted to spec Norman Walsh (Saturday, 19 March)

Updated Github repo Norman Walsh (Thursday, 17 March)

Viewports with regular steps Alex Miłowski (Wednesday, 16 March)

Unifying Iteration and Viewports Alex Miłowski (Wednesday, 16 March)

XProc Agenda 16 Mar 2016 Norman Walsh (Tuesday, 15 March)

flow example from Henry's work James Fuller (Thursday, 3 March)

XProc Agenda, 2 Mar 2016 Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 2 March)

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