Re: Important Question re. WebID Verifiers & Linked Data

On 21 Dec 2011, at 14:58, Kingsley Idehen wrote:

> Henry,
> Is a WebID verifier supposed to be a Linked Data consumer ?
> Is a WebID verifier supposed to be an RDF consumer?

In the spec it clearly is an RDF consumer, yes. All our implementations have followed 
this since the beginning. I am not sure if the Verifier itself needs to be a Linked
data engine, but it is best for authorisation that it is. That's where things get

> Please understand that RDF != Linked Data. It's just one of the options for creating and publishing Linked Data.

I think it would be very nice to have a formal spec on what Linked Data is. We do have a few for

> In addition:
> Is a WebID verifier supposed to be an HTTP client?

If by supposed to be, then yes. I think all of those we know of are. That why it is a Web Identity, not an SMTP identity
for example.

> Is a WebID verifier supposed to be able to leverage HTTP content negotiation?

We are just discussing that. I am in favour, but the point is to look at the security issues if any.

> Right now, WebID verifiers are very inconsistent re. the above, thus I encourage we bring clarity to this very important manner.

Which ones are inconsistent?

> Remember, if we are going to tout WebID as leveraging Web Architecture, we have to actually comply with said architecture.

I don't see that we are not. What in the spec is not compliant with web architecture?


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