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[UC] Bio-medical Image Use Case Jeff Z. Pan (Monday, 31 July)

[UC] Media production Use Case Jeff Z. Pan (Monday, 31 July)

MMSem XG telecon minutes of 20/07/2006 Raphaël Troncy (Tuesday, 25 July)

Regrets: Agenda 20 July Telecon 1600 UTC Roberto Ellero (Thursday, 20 July)

[Fwd: Re: Agenda 20 July Telecon 1600 UTC] Ian B. Jacobs (Thursday, 20 July)

[Fwd: Tagging use case] Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 20 July)

Re: No participants at todays phone call Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 20 July)

Media production Use Case VassilisTzouvaras (Thursday, 20 July)

Action 4::the need for semantic interpretation of low-level features Ioannis Pratikakis (Thursday, 20 July)

Music use case Giovanni Tummarello (Wednesday, 19 July)

XG wiki Jeff Z. Pan (Wednesday, 19 July)

how to write on the wiki? Giovanni Tummarello (Wednesday, 19 July)

Semantic Interpretation of low-level features Use case Vasileios Papastathis (Wednesday, 19 July)

Algorithm representation Use case Massimo Martinelli (Wednesday, 19 July)

FTF2 Jeff Z. Pan (Tuesday, 18 July)

Agenda 20 July Telecon 1600 UTC Raphaël Troncy (Tuesday, 18 July)

MMSem XG has a wiki Raphaël Troncy (Tuesday, 18 July)

Amsterdam F2F minutes of 10 and 11/07/2006 Raphaël Troncy (Tuesday, 18 July)

Reference to Vien University music application Patrizia Asirelli (Monday, 17 July)

telecom of 20 July. Patrizia Asirelli (Monday, 17 July)

draft-pfeiffer-temporal-fragments Misha Wolf (Friday, 14 July)

f2f resources on the web Jacco van Ossenbruggen (Monday, 10 July)

Introducing all XG members Yiannis Kompatsiaris (Friday, 7 July)

F2F Amsterdam meeting: Final Agenda + Practical details Raphaël Troncy (Friday, 7 July)

06 July Telecon: CANCELLED Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 6 July)

[MMSEM] F2F and telecon Jeff Z. Pan (Wednesday, 5 July)

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