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06 July Telecon: CANCELLED

1st International Workshop on Semantic-enhanced Multimedia Presentation Systems (SEMPS)

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[Fwd: Tagging use case]

[MMSEM] F2F agenda (first draft)

[MMSEM] F2F and telecon

[UC] Bio-medical Image Use Case

[UC] Media production Use Case

Action 4::the need for semantic interpretation of low-level features

Agenda 20 July Telecon 1600 UTC

Algorithm representation Use case

Amsterdam F2F minutes of 10 and 11/07/2006


F2F Amsterdam meeting: Final Agenda + Practical details

f2f resources on the web


how to write on the wiki?

Introducing all XG members

Media production Use Case

MMSem XG has a wiki

MMSem XG telecon minutes of 20/07/2006

MMSem::ppt with Action points

Music use case

No participants at todays phone call

Reference to Vien University music application

Regrets: Agenda 20 July Telecon 1600 UTC

Semantic Interpretation of low-level features Use case

Tagging use case

telecom of 20 July.

W3C Guidelines for Email Attachment Formats

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