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[issue10] what about multiple categories ?

From: <Pierre.CHATEL@fr.thalesgroup.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 15:00:34 +0200
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It was possible to have multiple category elements under one interface, but there's only one modelReference attribute for a given xml element. How can a single interface can now be associated to multiple taxonomies ? Should we have an other RDF classe capable of handling multiple taxonomies and codes ?

Also, when mapping interface categories to UDDI, using the deprecated Category element I was able to associate a given taxonomy to a specific taxonomy tModel (such as NAICS) and use the uuid of this tModel to categorize my interface tModel. Now that this information is hidden behind an RDF instance of the Category class the only thing I can do is associate the value of the modelReference attribute (an URI) to the interface.... less useful !


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