RE: RE: Resolution to Issue 3617

Actually I thought the minutes were fairly clear here since they outlined exactly the changes to be made:

<PaulC> Re bullet 1: No change is necessary

<asir> Related editorial action is

<PaulC> Re bullet 2: change "preponderence" to "vast majority"

<PaulC> Re bullet 3: s/cardinality of elements/cardinality of elements (i.e.

<PaulC> modifications to minOccurs or maxOccurs attribute value of an element

<PaulC> declaration)/.

BTW I have already marked this issue as FIXED in Bugzilla.

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Apologies. Forgot to add the pointer to the minutes where the issue was discussed [1].



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Subject:        Resolution to Issue 3617


I was reading the minutes. I am sure approval of the minutes of the f2f will come up tomorrow. I really can not follow the conclusion and the resolution of the namespace policy. If I do not understand it as the issue owner, I can not really close it. ;-)

Could we review the outcome? Probably the minutes need to be updated to reflect the reality better as well.




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