RE: NEW ISSUE: Change optional example from MTOM to security (Gui delines and Primer)


Could the client indicate it wants to receive a MTOM message using the HTTP
Accept: multipart/related;type="application/xop+xml", even though it does
not send a multipart (MTOM/XOP) encoded message?	 


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I'm not convinced those assumptions are correct.

Why couldn't the first message not need an attachment and not bother  
sending a multipart message with only one part, yet the response need  
an attachment and multipart for rational reasons?

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

On Nov 9, 2006, at 12:22 PM, ext William Henry wrote:

> Hi Frederick,
> I think it's pretty obvious that if a requester sends a non-MTOM  
> request it must be assumed that they are using the alternative -  
> presumably whatever binding is specified in the binding. Then all  
> exchanges between requester and provider will be with that  
> alternative. If the requester uses MTOM then it is assumed that  
> exchanges will be with the MTOM alternative.
> I assume this is the same with security assertions two. Once using  
> an alternative it is assumed that it will be used on all exchanges  
> between that requester and provider.
> Regards,
> William

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