RE: Raising an ugly issue again

Thank you for your comment - we tracked this as a Last Call comment LC73
[1].  The Working Group had several comments on the issue of
single-interface per service but there was no consensus to revisit our
design.  We believe inheritance solves some of relevant use cases, and
feel mechanisms describing other relationships between services should
be defined outside the WSDL WG.  If we don't hear otherwise within two
weeks, we will assume this satisfies your concern.


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> I apologize in advance for raising this ugly issue again. Perhaps I
> just
> don't understand the model well enough, and maybe you can explain it
> to me,
> but I'm really concerned about the "one interface per service"
> constraint.
> The SOA architecture requires that a web service expose multiple
> interfaces:
> - its functional interface
> - a management interface (WSDM, WS-Management, etc)
> - a metadata discovery interface (WS-MetadataExchange, etc)
> - an interactive interface (WSRP, etc)
> - potentially others
> I have clients that also require that a web service support
> versioning, in
> which case the service will expose multiple versions of its functional
> interface.
> How does WSDL 2.0 support these basic SOA requirements if a service
> definition is constrained such that it implements at most one
> interface?
> Thanks,
> Anne

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