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Agenda, WS-Addr 2006-11-27 Teleconference

Agenda, WS-Addressing distributed meeting 2006-11-13

Alternative Proposal for WS-Policy Assertions

Back-channel: What is it and where do I find it?

Closure of CR04

delayed Action Item response re Policy nesting

Draft minutes 2006-11-27 are attached

Draft Minutes 2006-11-27 with attedees list

Draft Minutes WS-Addressing 2006-11-06 are attached

Draft Minutes, meeting of 2006-11-13 are attached

First cut policy write up

Issue: Default Action Pattern

Jury Instructions/ Preliminary Agenda for 2006-11-06 teleconference

Minutes from 2006-10-30 are attached

No Meeting 2006-11-20

Proposal for WS-Policy assertions

Proposal for WS-Policy assertions - thread 2

Updated proposal for WS-Policy assertions

W3C WS-Policy 1.5 Last Call review by W3C Web Services Addressing WG

WS-A agenda 2006-11-06

WS-A draft minutes 2006-11-06 once more with resolutions so indicated

WS-A Minutes 2006-11-06 Draft with corrected attendance are attached

WS-Addr policy attachment

WS-Addressing, Schedule of upcoming meetings:

WSDL Binding Document Namespace


Zakim phone numbers

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