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New Issue: UsingAddressing with other bindings than our SOAP binding. Jonathan Marsh (Friday, 30 September)

NEW ISSUE: When, if ever, MUST action be used for dispatch? David Hull (Friday, 30 September)

wsa:Action for undefined faults Pete Hendry (Friday, 30 September)

CR ISSUE : Generating non-reply messages Glen Daniels (Thursday, 29 September)

Reworking of HTTP serializations following F2F Hugo Haas (Thursday, 29 September)

Binding WSDL to (refactored) SOAP David Hull (Thursday, 29 September)

proposals for meps and bindings including one-way David Orchard (Thursday, 29 September)

"Proposal DH2" David Hull (Thursday, 29 September)

i057 proposals David Orchard (Wednesday, 28 September)

CR Issue (SOAP binding): Mapping of headers to MAPs and "WSA is engaged" David Hull (Wednesday, 28 September)

Test Suites and Implementation Reports from other WGs (Tuesday, 27 September)

Action 2005-09-12 i056 Yalcinalp, Umit (Tuesday, 27 September)

Thoughts on Testable Features Mark Nottingham (Friday, 23 September)

Agenda: 2005-09-28 F2F, Palo Alto, CA, US Mark Nottingham (Friday, 23 September)

Re: New Issue: Migration of @Action from WS-A 200408 to WS-A 1.0 [i064] Mark Nottingham (Friday, 23 September)

Charter Requirements for the WSDL Binding Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 22 September)

RE: ID-typed attribute on WS-Addressing EPRs? Jonathan Marsh (Wednesday, 21 September)

FW: LC305: notational conventions proposal Jonathan Marsh (Wednesday, 21 September)

Minutes of the 2005-09-19 teleconference Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 20 September)

Re: FW: New Issue: SOAP Binding CR ([Details] for wsa:ActionMismatch Subsubcode) Hugo Haas (Monday, 19 September)

Action: Review of WSDL SOAP 1.1 binding LC WD, along with the SOAP binding in the Adjuncts. Katy Warr (Friday, 16 September)

Another proposal for asynchronous support in SOAP and WSDL Marc Hadley (Thursday, 15 September)

XMLP request for requirements (Tuesday, 13 September)

Issue i056 - which messages does the proposal apply to Anish Karmarkar (Tuesday, 13 September)

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-09-19 Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 13 September)

Minutes of the 2005-09-12 teleconference Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 13 September)

Issue i020, subissue (c) revised proposal Anish Karmarkar (Monday, 12 September)

Question from WSN: wsa: namespace URI David Hull (Monday, 12 September)

Greetings Mike Vernal (Monday, 12 September)

Review of WSDL core for WSA David Hull (Sunday, 11 September)

Comments on WSDL adjuncts part 2 Marc Goodner (Friday, 9 September)

Agenda: 2005-09-28 F2F, Palo Alto, CA, US [DRAFT] Mark Nottingham (Friday, 9 September)

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-09-12 Mark Nottingham (Friday, 9 September)

enumerated list of concrete message exchanges (Friday, 9 September)

Comments on the WSDL 2.0 Primer Rogers, Tony (Wednesday, 7 September)

Re: wsa:To -> SOAP1.2's ImmediateDestination Mark Baker (Sunday, 4 September)

RE: [i061] WSA WSDL Binding Issue (Action without UsingAddressing) Jonathan Marsh (Friday, 2 September)

RE: List of testable features (Friday, 2 September)

Advice needed on WSDL LC issue LC301, granularity of SOAP action. Jonathan Marsh (Friday, 2 September)

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