i007: new proposal for discussion (was Re: Issue 7 convo from Melbourne)

1. Make the [reference parameters] message addressing property's XML
   Infoset representation in Core's section 3.1 the following, which
   was the second rule of the SOAP binding:

    /[reference parameters]*

     Each element information item of found in [reference parameters]
     (including all of its [children], [attributes] and [in-scope
     namespaces]) is represented as is.

2. Define a wsa:isRefParameter attribute information item of type

3. Define the following as the first rule of the SOAP binding when
   _sending_ a message:

    1. All the message addressing properties are serialized as SOAP
       header blocks using their XML Infoset representation defined in
       Core section 3.1 XML Infoset Representation of Message
       Addressing Properties.

    2. Each SOAP header block resulting from a [reference parameters]
       is annotated with a wsa:isRefParameter attribute whose value is

4. Add the following rules when _receiving_ a SOAP message:

     1. The value of each message addressing property takes the value
	from the corresponding SOAP header block in the wsa namespace
	targeted at the node which matches the XML Infoset
	representation described in Core section 3.1.

     2. Each such SOAP header block annotated with a
	wsa:isRefParameter attribute whose value is "true" is added to
	the content of the [reference parameters] MAP, (without the
	wsa:isRefParameter attribute). Note that those headers are
	resulting from the serialization of an EPR's [reference
	parameters] property, and may require additional security and
	sanity checks by the SOAP received.

     3. Process Web Services Addressing SOAP headers as per the SOAP
	processing model.

5. Add the following note:

     Note that the message addressing properties gathered by an
     intermediary when receiving a SOAP message do not, in the general
     case, get replayed as MAPs when resending the message along the
     message path.

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