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WSA cr10 issue resolution: TAG Request for Change to WS Addressing Core Hugo Haas (Tuesday, 24 January)

Fw: New issue: Default value of To property Francisco Curbera (Friday, 20 January)

Re: New CR Issue: Relation of SOAP Headers to transport-level headers David Hull (Friday, 20 January)

[Fwd: CR Issue "The basic interaction pattern from which all others are composed is "one-way"."] David Hull (Friday, 20 January)

precise meaning of an anonymous destination in a request message (Friday, 20 January)

Addressing 1.0: Core and SOAP issues Philippe Le Hegaret (Wednesday, 18 January)

New CR Issue: OPTIONAL or REQUIRED? Yalcinalp, Umit (Monday, 16 January)

New CR Issue: Core Specification is inconsistent with wg resolutions (Issue 20 subissue d) Yalcinalp, Umit (Monday, 16 January)

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