New CR Issue: Core Specification is inconsistent with wg resolutions (Issue 20 subissue d)

The CR Core Specification [1] provides a definition of an EPR, but it
appears that it does not reflect the resolution of an Issue [2] subissue
d (decided on 2/14/2005) to indicate that an EPR may have several Web
Service descriptions and multiple EPRs can be used to convey information
needed to address a particular WS endpoint. 
I would have expected this resolution to be integrated in the second
{A Web service endpoint is a (referenceable) entity, processor, or
resource to which Web service messages can be addressed. Endpoint
references convey the information needed to address a Web service
I argue that the language in this paragraph does not really reflect the
intention of the wg. I also checked the current draft of the WSDL
binding document and it does not contain the resolution. The reason for
this resolution was to illustrate that an EPRs may be expressed via
different WSDL descriptions and for some reason this notion and the
resolution has been omitted from the specification. My review on the
other resolutions did not provide any clues as to why this resolution
was not applied. I suspect that this was a simple omission and the
resolution of the wg should be reflected in the current specification. 
This change will not affect the testing or implementations of the





Dr. Umit Yalcinalp
NetWeaver Industry Standards
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Received on Monday, 16 January 2006 22:30:37 UTC