Re: New CR Issue: Relation of SOAP Headers to transport-level headers

Proposed text:

Some underlying protocols may support native properties similar to the
Message Addressing Properties.  For example, the reply-to: email header
is similar to the [reply endpoint] Message Addressing Properties. 
Authors and implementors of bindings should not assume any particular
correspondence between native properties and Message Addressing
Properties.  For example, if an email message represents only one hop in
a multi-hop path, then the reply-to: header is likely to differ from the
[reply endpoint] address.



There are some subtle points here.  Particularly, it matters whether
we're using the SOAP request/response MEP or some form of one-way.  The
text above sidesteps this by saying, in the immortal words of MASM:

Received on Friday, 20 January 2006 18:00:34 UTC