Call for adoption - WEBRTC-QUIC


*From the Lyon summary of decisions:*


"The WG will ask the list if we should adopt the WEBRTC-QUIC API
document (in room: 2 opposed, ~10 in favor)"

The question is whether we should adopt this document:


as a Working Group document

Adoption as a WG document does not mean commitment to any specific part
of the API, or any specific timeline for processing the document to CR
and beyond, but does mean that we can issue the document as a first
public working draft (FPWD) and ask for IPR declarations (if any).

My personal read is that adoption as a WG document means that "we have
consensus that there is a problem here that needs solving, the problem
is within the scope of this WG, and this document is a start on the way
to solving it".

Non-adoption would indicate either that the problem shouldn't be solved,
that the problem is out of scope for this WG, or that this document is
so far away from the right solution that it's not a starting point the
WG wants to consider.

We are seeking both statements of support and statements of opposition.
The chairs will tally the responses and attempt to draw a conclusion.

Please state your opinion to the**list on or before Wednesday, November 28.

Harald*,* for the chairs


Received on Tuesday, 20 November 2018 08:58:11 UTC