Call for adoption - use case for "Trusted application, untrusted intermediary"


*From the Lyon summary of actions:“The WG adopts the E2E use case where
we trust the application, but not the relay. (to be verified on the list)”*


The question is whether we should include in our “NV Scenarios” document
the scenario currently described in*- where
the application (Web page) is fully trusted, but uses a relay service
that should not be able to decode the transmitted media.

The consensus in the meeting in Lyon was that this use case should be
included; this call serves to verify that consensus on the list.

Unless objections are raised and verified to be widely held in the
discussion, the chairs will assume that the WG has consensus to include
this use case.

If you object to this document being adopted, please say so to the list
before or on Wednesday, November 28.

*Harald, for the chairs*


Received on Tuesday, 20 November 2018 08:59:42 UTC