Re: Job lot of slides for next week

I ran over these again on the plane, and didn't like the webrtc stuff.
 So here's an updated copy.

On 14 May 2014 22:16, Martin Thomson <> wrote:
> I'm cross posting because I'm lazy and all my slides are in the same
> deck.  Don't reply.
> Attached are some slides.  Nothing particularly exciting, but there
> are two main categories of things here:
> Security issues
>  - you'll note that this is pretty lean, that's because we don't have
> much to talk about
> captureStream issues
>  - this has been presaged for a while, being part of the media
> processing API stuff a long while back, I've been asked to present on
> this and try to wrap things up, at least from a consensus perspective.
>  I don't know what the plans are, but that might be worth discussing.
> I'm going to send emails regarding the proposals here so we have the
> appropriate venues for actual discussion.  I'm not going to open
> issues now, but that might be appropriate.

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