Re: Dealing with isolation state mismatches

> On May 15, 2014, at 1:21 AM, Martin Thomson <> wrote:
>> This is probably best handled in a room, but here goes.
>> A has isolated streams because it thinks it's making a "private" call.
>> (Scare quotes intentional.)
>> B has regular streams.
>> A and B try to establish a call.  Nothing in the signaling they are
>> using (SDP, woo!) indicates that they are screwed.  The browser runs
>> the O/A exchange and it seems OK, until the DTLS session blows up.
>> Do we want a signal in SDP for this state?  I think that it would be
>> nice.  We can put a wee attributey thing on the a=identity line.
>> Sorry, scratch that, we can request that the RTCWEB working group
>> consider this as a new requirement on their signaling work.

[BA] Assuming we have ALPN, each media endpoint will know what the other supports. With SDP, you learn this earlier, but I worry that intermediaries could abuse this to turn off isolation, even when the two parties support it. 

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